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Fantastic, vibrant, low maintenance table runner!

This runner is 100% cotton and is a slightly heavier weight version of the same birdseye weave used in the dishtowels. Unlined like a tablecloth - this means you don't have to worry about the lining twisting in the wash and shrinking unevenly (my pet peeve with runners!) 20" x 82" means it's extra wide, adding a big old splash of color to your table!



    SKU: 0006
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    • Machine wash, Line dry (ok full disclosure - that's what it says on the tag, probably for bureaucratic, legal reasons . . . it will definitely survive being put through the dryer.) My favorite method however, is to just pull it out of the washer damp, spread it out on the table and let it dry flat right in place. It's fast, easy, and removes any possibility of having to iron it.


      20" x 82" before washing (it will shrink up a touch with the first wash)

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