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Hello there - we're very happy you've found us! If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at and we will do our level best to help! 

Privacy Policy

The only data we collect about you is what is required for the checkout process - or what you provide in setting up an account. Not only are we completely disinterested in your personal data (no offense), we also would have no idea what to do with it if we had it since we're far more interested in spectacular kitchen linens than in spreadsheets and charts and code and whatnot. In fact, we are so bored by the whole topic of internet marketing (not to mention our commitment to the Golden Rule) we will probably also never send you an email outside of your order confirmation and shipping details.


You know how fun it is to find some little hole-in-the-wall spot when you're traveling - the kind of place the tourists don't know about and only the locals frequent? For instance, that tiny bakery down a little lane where you have to know just what door to duck into or you'll miss it . . . as opposed to the Big Deal that is in every guidebook and has flocks of tour busses pulling up out front all day and all night . . . think of us as that tiny little shop. If you're here it's because you meant to get here and we're very happy you found us! And then you can leave and tell your friends about us and make a mental note to visit again - but you won't find us shouting at you from your inbox and dogging your steps through social media. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
Apple Pay

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