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Questions? We got you.

  • What are the shipping costs?
    Shipping costs are the worst! We have worked to try and figure out THE CHEAPEST way to get your order to you in a timely manner and here is the scoop: Orders up to $40 are charged $6 for shipping Orders from $40 - $125 are charged $8 for shipping Orders above $125 are charged $10 for shipping ​ ​
  • Can I avoid a shipping charge if I live locally?
    Yes! Just select "local pickup" during checkout and you'll be given all the instructions to pick up your order.
  • How soon will I get my order?
    You should expect to see your order within 5-7 business days.
  • Where can I buy Rebekah Merkle's books?
    Canon Press has got you covered on this one.
  • Where can I listen to Rebekah Merkle's podcast?
    Rebekah Merkle does a (most of the time) weekly podcast with her sister Rachel Jankovic. It is called "What Have You" and can be found on your favorite podcast platform.
  • Does Rebekah Merkle deny justification by faith?
    Hahaha - sorry inside joke. Also - no she doesn't.
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